Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spiritual Knowledge for a Better World
Part - 2

By K. Chaya Rao - Bangalore

Man is so involved in his progress in science, making material gains, trying to take control of matters and and others and thus stealing other's energy and so on that he has totally neglected nature and forgotten that it is the best boon given to man. He has also given up the spirtitual aspect of his life.

Most of us see movies and watch the television in our spare time or rather we try to spare most our time for such things. In the stories therein we come across a lot of unimaginable coincidences . Most of us turn down the story as trash because of the coincidences. Little do we realise that such unimginable coincidences occur in our day to day life also and that these bear a great impportance in our life but unfortunately no one considers these. We had heard many a time people saying " he came just in time to save us" "he must be God himself" we felt God had himself come down to help us through that person and so on. We have also heard of miraculours escapes from major accidents and persons coming back to life after being declared dead. The question arises "who is behind these mysetrious happenings?"

In our day to day life we come across many situations which upset us. Then we have the ego problem and the I, my and mine feelings. These also lead to mental upsets even when failures occur in games or small unimportant matters. Fathers get upset if their children do not obey them, male chuvinists feel his wife should be at his beck and call. A feminist feels that her hyusband should dance to her tune if he really loves her. Children want to force their views on their parents and so on. Thus life seems to be a continuous struggle for power. The examples of struggle for power can be seen even in public like politicians, industrialists film stars and so on.

Such struggle for power results in draining of energy by one or the other. The person who is drained of his energy is forever working out means and ways of getting back his energy. Such fights for energy are seen all over the world starting from a single invidual to the Big powers of the world and thus the world has become a stage where control dramas for acquiring power are being enacted.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Story from Mahabharata
Retold by Vijaya Murthy

Dear Children:

Summer is at the doorstep. And to protect yourself from the heat of the day and the glaring sun you would take out and dust your umbrellas and start unfurling them to protect yourselves while walking. You would anyway be wearing your shoes! But do you know who created the umbrella and shoes and how? Well. I will tell you a little story about it.

Did you hear about Sage Parasu Rama? Well. His parents were Jamadagni and Renuka. When they were young once after finishing their daily chores, prayers etc. they wanted to relax and play. So they took a bow and arrows and went into open fields. Jamadagni would shoot an arrow and Renuka would run after it and before it fell, she would pick it up and bring it back. Every time Jamadagni would shoot the arrow farther and farther away and Renuka would still bring it.

The day was advancing and it was getting hotter and hotter. And then when Jamadagni shot his arrow and Renuka ran after it, the time was lapsing and she was not to be seen returning. Rushi waited and waited and started getting worried when he saw her coming panting and puffing, wiping her sweat with the end of her pallu. Jamadagni was worried. She came closer and he saw that her face was red from the heat, body swathed in sweat.

“What happened my dear? Why were you late?” He asked.

“My Lord, the sun is so hot that I had to rest under a tree to protect my self from the hot sun. My feet are swollen and burnt from the hot earth and sand”, Renuka said.

Rushi Jamadagni was very angry with the sun for hurting his dear wife. He took some water from his kamandalu into his hand and wanted to curse the sun.

Sun god came running. He said, “Oh Jamadagni! Please don’t curse me. It is my duty and my nature to become hot in summer. Then only water on earth will evaporate and rains will come which will give rise to crops. I am only doing my duty”. He then created two things and gave them to Jamadagni. “Please give them to your wife. They will protect her from my heat.

Those two things were, a cute little umbrella and a pair of slippers. They were so pretty that every one had fallen in love with them. Then slowly they started creating them in different colors and designs. And even to day after so many thousands of ears they are so popular. The slippers/shoes protect you from the hot roads and the umbrella protects your head from scorching sun and pelting rain.

So children, learn to respect the shoes and umbrella which were created by the Sun God himself and use them when ever necessary.