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Sri Mallimadugula Prabhakara Rao (more popularly known as Prabhaji) passed away on 3.1.2010 at Berhampur. Here are a few words written about him by Sri U S N Murthy -

My memorable experiences in the company of late Prabhaji

Mallimadugula Prabhakar rao is my maternal uncle in our relationship.He happens to be a first cousin of my mother,Undurthy Lakshmi bai.He was known to me right from my child hood days.Inspite of wide difference in our age,he used to be very close with me and almost all our cousins as well.He was very friendly and very jokular with all young and old.He was a very well read personality.He was able to speak and argue very well with every one on any subject,from sex to salvation!

He took a Diploma in Ceramics from Banaras Hindu Unversity in 30s,if I remember right.He was very thorough in his profession and served well in private as well as Govt.service.He was a very simple,helpful,adjustable personality with good heart and very valuable views for others.He lived a full simple and happy life and left a good example to all of us.May his sole rest in peace.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sailaja and Jijji made this Rangoli for the wedding of Swapna.(sailaja's daughter) in Chicago. First made the rangoli with pencil on a silk cloth (attached border for decoration) and then the rangoli is filled with different colors of small flowers made with tissue paper and glued on to the cloth."

Being a holiday season, I was thinking of holidays and celebrations and how we are
misguided and practically abuse the meaning of “Celebration”.

What is celebration and what is the purpose of celebration and who benefits from it—these kinds of thoughts crossed my mind. Celebration is a joyous occasion and when we participate in it, we feel happy and our mind will entertain pleasant thoughts. We celebrate God’s birthdays, like Krsihna ashtami, Christmas, Sri Ramanavami, or any festivals like that which are religious traditions. In our Vedas, it says that God will accept anything either gold or even a small flower but only if you offer it to Him “whole heartedly”, but generally we offer Him “hole heartedly”! These celebrations will give you physical happiness when you decorate your home, wear nice clothes and keep your surroundings and your body clean and fresh. The day gives you joy when you visit with family and friends and exchange good ideas, and it gives you mental peace when you do offerings to God. The purpose of celebrating religious functions and festivals is to remember GOD and to reflect on why He took the form and the significance of His “Avatar” and what we can learn from His deeds in that particular manifestation. Some may say that his action can be identified only to that particular period of time and cannot be adopted into this present situation. How wrong they are? You may not be able to adopt them in the present times literally so to speak, but when I said “significance”, you have to consider the meaning and the fundamental truth behind it but should not take it literally. Truth, “satyam” can never be changed in any period of life. Forgetting that celebration means selfless activity, people celebrate both religious and cultural and traditional functions to suit their needs. For instance, when I asked a person what kind of dish that he offered to Lord Krishna on Krishna ashtami, he said “ my wife made “Pulihora” to offer God because it is my favorite dish. How selfish he is? He offered to God not what God would like, but offered to God what he likes! This is the finest example of selfishness!

Does that mean is it enough to celebrate only on that occasion and remember God only once a year? The same question applies not only to God but for people too. Celebrating special days for people is a part of cultural tradition. Is it enough to celebrate Father’s day, Mother’s day, Birthday and Anniversaries like Wedding anniversary and even the Death anniversary once a year and forget about those people for the rest of the year? You can interpret it in different ways. First, even if you remember them everyday, it would be more like momentarily or for a short period of time, like few minutes. But that special day would give you a chance to reflect about them, and if the person is alive, show him your gratitude, your love, your affection, your regards and so forth by celebrating with him. So, this gives you an opportunity to reflect on that person and at the same time reflect on yourself you really feel about him and what you can do for someone else selflessly. If you think in the opposite way, you do celebrate these special days once a year for show off and forget about that person, for the rest of the year, which shows how selfish you are.

The bottom line is it is you who counts here. A dead person is not there to appreciate it. A living person can surely see or read through it whether you are sincere in your actions. Giving some gift or something to a person, it makes you feel good inside and get satisfaction when you see the joy and appreciation from the receiver. The person, for whom you are doing this, is the benefactor and you are the beneficiary. You are reaping the benefits of a good deed.

You are the only one who is responsible for your own actions. We generally take things for granted, especially when you are physically close to one person. “Absence makes the heart grows fonder” is so very true. When you are away, you make it a point to remember since you miss them and want to do something for them. But when you are right there, you forget, or you pretend you are busy or you think of hundred excuses for not acknowledging the other person or even procrastinate and think that you can do next year. You are the one who is missing the opportunity to show how truly you appreciate that person. You are the one who has to make it “a special day” for yourself. It is already a special day for him whether you do it or not, and you better remember the significance of a “Celebration”.

When it comes to festivals, we tend to forget “the significance” completely, and indulge ourselves in merriment by consuming good food, alcohol, gambling by betting even in playing cards, and partying. The trend is to spend more than what you can really afford or what other person really deserve. We even tend to compete with others in gift giving. As if that is not enough, we even expect something from that person. When you give you think, “he better give me something nice to me in return sometime soon, since I am already spending this much money for his gift”. If they don’t meet your expectations, then you are the one who is disappointed, get angry unnecessarily and spoil your own mood. Who is getting affected by all this? It is YOU! And you alone! Remember, the celebration is spoiled for you, and everybody else is enjoying. This is all because you are “expecting”! If you didn’t, then whatever you get is going to be something special for you. Then you can reap the benefit of happiness and thankfulness.

The celebrations are for acknowledging and appreciating one another, but not spending money beyond your means, it is for keeping your body, mind, and intellect in tune with God by praying and offering to God, it is the time to do some activity for others by sharing, donating or doing something for less fortunate than you are, thanking God or reflecting on what you have and appreciating rather than reflecting on what you don’t have or why you don’t have the material things that other person have (which you tend to do in normal every day to day life) and acknowledging all the people you come across in your life and how you are benefited from them directly or indirectly, or sometimes, how their negative words or actions made you strong or made you think and act in the right direction.


Sunday, January 10, 2010

1. If a Man possesses the Whole World,he would not be healthy thereby ,because it perishes and passes away.
2. Though your life lasts a hundred years,you die like a short lived man.The years swiftly pass.
3. With coarse food to eat,water to drink,and a bent arm for a pillow,happiness may still be found.
4. Be in this World lik a trveller,or LIKE A PASSER ON AND RECKON YOURSELF AS OF THE dead.
5. Forgiveness is the strength of the weak and ornament of the strong.
6. Two are the qualities of him/her who is self controlled:FORGIVENESS,GENTLENESS.
7. When you can not find PEACE in yourselfi it is useless to look for it elsewhere!
8. Moral life is the back bone of Spritual life.There cannot be any Spritual life without a moral life.

More in my next,if you fnd them interesting and useful.


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This article was published in The Hindu dated 3.1.2010

Saturday, January 2, 2010


We got some articles from sailaja, USA and Neha (grand daughter of U S Murthy (Suribabu)and daughter of subhadra and prasad.


The New Year, rather a New Decade is approaching in couple of days, and I am sure most of the people are contemplating to start a “New Year Resolution”.

What does Resolution mean? According to dictionary; it is the state or quality of being resolute; firm determination with a course of action determined or decided on. First we should have a goal and second we should have the courage to follow the course of action. In the unmanifested Universe, energy has three qualities known as gunas, and once the energy takes a form one quality of the three predominates. The three gunas encompass all existence, all actions. Thus every person has all the three gunas and one of the three predominates depending on a particular time. Sometimes, a person can have satwic guna prevail at a particular time, and the same person can have rajasic guna prevailing at another time so on so forth. But no matter which quality prevails, an element of each of the other two will always be present as well.

A satwic (noble and pure) person makes a resolution and acts on it and accomplishes it at the end. That means, when he decides on an idea, he sticks with it, and chalks out a plan how he can achieve it and then puts it into action. This type of person would have a strong determined mind and a goal. His aim would be on his goal and he resolves himself to achieve it.

A rajasic (passionate and agitated) person has the enthusiasm to act and resolves to do something, but when he gets into a problem or any obstacle comes in his way, he gets angry, upset and he feels disappointed, sad and decides to quit abruptly. Generally, these kinds of people like to dream about what to achieve but since they do not have a strong foundation, the goal like a building cannot stand on its own and collapses.

When it comes to tamasic (dull and inactive) people, they are so lethargic that they do not want to even consider having a resolution. Even if they have an idea of doing something, they lack the clarity as to how to do it, and so they become defensive and find hundred reasons not to act.
For example, they say” I want to do that particular thing, but I know nobody will appreciate it, or may be I can start after few months etc. They neither have a goal, determination or a plan to achieve something.

Now, don’t sit there and try to figure out what type of person you are! I am sure most of us will say that we are tamasic, because that is the easy way to escape and do nothing. As it was told from many years, all the gunas are in all the people at all times. It is our duty to bring out the satwic guna out into open and try to keep it above all others for most of the time. Have a goal and chalk out a plan and write it down on a piece of paper and start doing it whether it is a big resolution or a small one. For example, small means, “this year I am going to help less fortunate than me, and go out and pay one rupee to a beggar, and say that you have achieved your resolution, and don’t have to do anything else for the rest of the year!” At the same time, don’t resolve so high that it would be practically impossible to achieve. First resolve to do some action and then chalk out a plan and try to do it in few steps. Do one step at a time and keep at it. Do it sincerely and dedicatedly. Get the support of your family, friends or co-workers and by helping and encouraging each other, don’t waver from your goal. The goal is important. If you don’t have a goal, your determination will fade away and you will get into “day dreaming” mode.

Let us join together to resolve to do something good this year if not for the world, but for our own-selves, because, each better individual will make a better world!



Pop’s blue-eyed boy
Whether it’s playback for Bollywood or his own albums, Atif Aslam’s on a high.

He landed on the big stage, with not much pomp and worked his way up. A lot of criticism, some appreciation and rising popularity — a combination that makes Atif Aslam. The blue-eyed boy of pop has won quite a few fans in India. Perhaps, originality and a shift from Bollywood has made him all the more attractive to the Indian market. From being known the Aadat guy to Atif Doorie Aslam it has not been the typical run.
At 21 when most people are still wondering what to do with their lives, this young man was already halfway up the ladder. His playback, for Mukesh Bhatt’s “Kalyug”, is still remembered! And the latest hit that’s taken people to an all-time swooning high is Pehli Nazar from “Race”. Despite accusations of plagiarism the songs are a complete sell away. The addictive charm of the voice doesn’t wear off, whether it’s a Tere bin or a Woh lamhe. Or more recently, Bakhuda from “Kismet Konnection”. The melody is piercing.
Indian exposure
The albums have worked magic as well, considering that in India pop culture has to beat Bollywood at its own game. The number of faces from Pakistan making their foray into the Indian pop scene is daily increasing. Indian exposure gives them an effective platform to the world music scene. And the more ambitious are quickly seizing the opportunities. There have, of course, been bitter feelings and protests against this cross-border talent. But as long as popularity soars none can argue with it. As is the case with Atif. His popularity keeps soaring despite questions about his singing talent. And there is the advantage of any publicity being good publicity.


Niharika is a 1st year student of B.A. Literature in Stella Maris College.
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