Sunday, May 10, 2009


Barampuram puli veshalu are quite popular during Ammuvari yatra, which is celebrated on alternate years at Behampur, usually between mid April and May. During this period the Ammuvari Ghattam (with the flower which falls on the Ghattam at midnight) is brought to her Puttilu ( Parent’s house) at Deshbehara street from her temple and worshiped there in a temporarily constructed temple by bamboos. In the evenings The Ammuvari ghatam is taken to different streets of the Town in a procession by ladies. It is believed that it is very auspicious to have a darshan of Ammuvaru during this yatra period.

Some people take vow to come for Ammuvari Darshan in different guises like –Babaji, Parsuram Avtar’ Hanuman, Ram,laxman and Sita,with fancy dresses like- ,Black Bear, Evil spirits- Dhakini, Shakini, Pillaki Dahani and of course the popular puli vesham.

In puli vesham the person performs the dance imitating a tiger hunting a goat. An expert artist paints the person with yellow varnish with black spots and with pictures of ferocious faces of tigers allover body and his head is decorated like the head of a tiger .There are some expert Gurus who teach them this form of dance. The person in puli vesham dances rhythmically to the accompanied Dappu ( Drum beats) It used to be a thrilling experience for all of us to watch this puli vesham dance in our childhood and we used to be very happy when puli used to shake hands with us !! For your information myself and my brothers Viswanath,late Kishore and Sunder used to perform puli dance at our home.for shake of fun ! Kishore was an expert puli dancer among our brothers.
Jog Babu