Friday, October 2, 2009

Answers for questions on the olderst generation of our family - 2

1. The first car was owned by Sri late Varahagiri Jogayya Pantulugaru. It was Ford Model T.

2. Digumarthi Venkata Ramayya garu’s daughter Smt. Vuppala Sundaramma gave birth to a girl by an aglo lady doctor named “Naina Aatman. So in gratitude the baby was named as “Naina Rajyalakshmi. (later became Pusuluri Rajyalakshmi)



Questions on oldest generation of our family - 3

1. In the days when widows were restricted to household duties, some of our grandmothers served as Municipal Councilors in Berhempur.
Who are they?

2. Two own sisters became “viyyapurallu” or “sambandhis” when their
Children got married? Sounds weird ---right? How it happened and who are they?