Thursday, November 12, 2009

Questions on oldest generation of our family -

1.Who were the parents of Undurthy.Lakshmi bai? When was she born?
2.Who brought up Undurthy.Lakshmi bai,after the untimely death of her parents when she was only few months old?


Answers to the questions
1Smt.Undurthy Lakshmi bai was the only daughter of her parents.Her father was Varahagiri Suryanrayana Murty,who was the younger brother of Varahagiri jogaiah Pantulu garu.Her mother was Tulisamma who happaned to be one of the daughters of Digumarty Venkataramaiah garu.Thus Lakshmi bai was from Varahagiri familyAfier her marriage with U.V.Reddy Pantulu garu,her sirname became Undurthy.Tthere were three Lakshmi bais in our family circle,the eldest was Adurthi Lakshmi bai(Peda Lakshmi bai)
The second was Undurthy Lakshmi bai(Chinna Lakshmi bai)and the third was Damerla Lakshmi bai(Butchi Lakshmi bai)
2.Undurthy Lakshmi bai lost her parents when she was less than one year old.Ammakanna asked Wuppala Sundaramma to bring up this child along with her other children.By then Sundaramma gari's other daughter was four years old.She was Digumarthy Suvarna bai.Since Lakshmi bai was from Varahagiri family,Jogaiah Pantulu garu,being Peddananna garu of Lakshmi bai,looked after her education,marriage etc.He wasalso very kind and very thoughtful to safely keep the Insurance money that was drawn after his brother,Suryanarayana Murty gari's death and handed it over to Lakshmi bai some time during 1933 and advised her and Reddy Pantulu garu to build up a house in Visakhapatnam.That was how the house in Official Colony,Maharanipeta,Vizag,came inti existance,as Suryodaya.
3.Smt Undurthy Lakshmi bai studied upto 9th class and was married at the age of 14 0r 15.She lived for 90 years .

U.S.N.Murty (second son of Undurty Lakshmi bai)