Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Articles are based on the lectures by spiritual leaders and are not based on my personal experience. I wrote these articles to enable readers to get a gist of the lectures which they might have missed.

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K.Chaya Rao,

Journey from the tomb to the womb and back - Part 3

The general thinking is that human beings are puppets in the hands of God and that he makes them play in the drama of life on the stage, called earth and that the strings of the puppets are in his hands. If this was so there would have been no suffering at all because God is love and only love personified. He would never think of punishing His children. On the other hand He is waiting patiently to take all into His loving arms. God has put man to test by giving him thought and free will as stated earlier. Man, by choosing the different available paths and by using missing opportunities that come his way, keeps going nearer or away from God. No other being has been given the poower of thought. Animals live in the present with no repents of the past and no plans for the future.They act according to their instinct in a given situation. They don't bother to think about the next day's food or shelter. On the other hand man is busy planning about the future, his children, grand children, their studies, their security and so on.He is busy gathering possessions and making money in the name of future security. He is so busy that he forgets the business about God and his own spiritual progress. All the wrong paths he adopts and the wrong actions he takes multiply his negative karmas, to the extent that after death he has to take another life on earth in order to learn the unlearnt lessons. But to come back to earth the soul has to struggle a lot and wait with patience, especially those souls which have a balance of positive karma.


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