Thursday, February 24, 2011

Articles are based on the lectures by spiritual leaders and are not based on my personal experience. I wrote these articles to enable readers to get a gist of the lectures which they might have missed.

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K.Chaya Rao

Journey from the tomb to the womb and back Part - IV

The soul which leaves the body goes to a place which is suitable to its spiritual learning. If it goes to the other place with a good spiritual back ground it learns further in the astral world. It enjoys its stay there because there is no time limit or space limit and there are no sorts of other limitations. The astral world is several million times more beautiful than the earth and whatever you think you want you get it the very next moment. After a certain time it starts its programming for the next life. The soul has to choose the body, every minute detail of it, the parents and the environment. All should be suitable, otherwise it cannot come down. On the other hand a soul with negative karma finds suitable environment almost immediately because there are many people who are in his state of affairs.

Once the sould enters the womb, as it still has memories of the past, it decides to lead a better life, learns more grow spiritually amd reach God.So it makes a number of resolutions while in the womb and is in a hurry to come out to the world to reach God as soon as possible. At the time of birth the soul cries because it forgets all its resolutons and feels sad that it has to live in this world of delusion. It gets scared because it has lost the security of the the womb. The soul soemtimes suffers in the womb too, if its chosen mother acts against the laws of Mother Nature,thus starts its journey.

As long as it is an innocent child it remembers its past and all the the resolutions made while in the womb and also its purpose of life, as it grows it is influenced by the elders, their way of living, the environment, the acquaintances and so on. If it is not resolute it falls into wrong paths and the purpose of life is once again forgotten. It is a sort of repetitionm, sometimes of his earlier births. Depending on the masters it comes across and if it catches hold an opportunity of meeting the correct Guru it rises in sprituality and adds to the positive karma. Depending on the progress the soul reaches the abode of God or comes back to tomb-womb cycle. When sprititual thinking improves in the people each soul will become more and more aware and consciously tries to go into the outstretched arms of his Father the Almighty.

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