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Many from our family have contributed their skills,services in many fields-art,music,literature,independence movement and many other fields.Being a doctor in medicine myself ,I was contemplating who were/are the medical men from our family.I thinkit is appropriate to know them so that our future generations can benefit.

My mother,China Lakshmi used to tell about Pusuluri Narasingarao mama,(Satyabaiakkayya&Chinnakkayya-Smt.Damerla Lakshmibai's father).He was probably the first doctor to practice modern medicine from our family at
Berhampur. He was a private practitioner and quite successful and
busy in his profession as he used to go to attend emergencies during
nights frequently .His practice was taken up by W.S.S.RamaRao who was
a G.P. as well as an eye specialist.He was the first medical practitioner in Barampuram.In those days he was the only eyes'specialist between Cuttack and Visakhapatnam.

During the same period Dr.Digumarthy Subbarao was practicing medicine at Srikakulam. Though an LMP, he was leading practitioner at Srikakulam.I was amazed at the way he used to keep updated in the developments in the field of Medicine.

During the same period Dr.W.S.S.Ramarao's teacher,one of the giants in surgery Dr.M.V.Ramana Murty was working at King George Hospital at
Visakhapatnam. After his Masters in Surgery he was awarded FRCS
subsequently.His cotemporary Dr.Toleti KanakaRaju who was also an FRCS
was working at Rajamundry.As a matter of fact Dr.RamanaMurty and
Dr,KanakaRaju were the first FRCS awardees from Andhra region.Later
Prof.Ramanamurtyserved as Director of Medical Services of the then
Composite MadrasState.His younger brother Dr. M.Seetha Ramaswamy,popular as "Dachibabu" in family cicle, did his M.S., in Gen.Surgery as well as Ophthalmology,but took to Gen.Surgery.He had been Proffessor of Surgery at Guntur medical college.

In the same generation some younger to prof Ramana Murty,Dr.Ramarao and others, a good number from our family took up medical proffession . Dr.Digumarthy Gopalaswamy,

Dr.Indirabai,Dr,Damerla VenkatRam,Dr.JanakiBai and so on.Dr.G.Valayya Pantulu,Dr.Vemulakonda Prakasha Rao at Berhampur,his
younger brother Dr.V.Krishna Rao,Dr.Vemulakonda GurunadhaRao, Vizianagaram, Dr.Damerla Raja Rao from Rajahmundry.

Dr.Toleti Chandra sekhar (Thambu) and his wife Dr. Padmavati at Visakhapatnam come to mind.

From my father's side (Undurty)DR.U.Narasingarao ,popular as "Maradam doctor",made name around Vizianagaram.My father's cousin Dr.Kasunaveesula Krishnarao also worked as medical officer in Srikakulam and Viziianagaram districts.

In our generation,me,Dr.D.J.J.Swamy(Jogibabu),Dr.U.V.N.Das,DR.U.N.Das,
Dr.Bhramari,my cousin Dr.AdiSeshu,her husband Dr.B.S.R.Murty have taken up medical proffession. Many of us probably do not remember Dr.PLATON (Pathelkana Narasimharao ) who was an anesthetist. He died at an early age during early 80's.Dr. K.V. Subbarao ,my 2nd cousin,retired as professor of Orthopedics from KGH.

Dr. Lakshmi (Didgumarthy Hanumantharao’s wife)is presently settled in U.S. My memory is wandering if I have forgotten any other name....!! Yes..Gampa Mohan's daughter,Bhushanam if I am not wrong is also a doctor. Dr.Vindhya's brother Dr.Nagarjun is a Pathologist settled in U.K.,


---------------------------Baton goes to our children.My daughter
VijayaLakshmi did her MD in Microbiology.My son-in-law
Lt.Col.Sreenivas Adukuri is Community Medicine specialist serving
Indian Army.Dr.Krishna Prasad,consultant anesthetist at Hyderabad made
a good name as Transplant surgery anesthetist.KP's wife is also a
gynaecologist. Digumarty Narasimharao's (Chimbabu'/Siham's) son
Dr.Subbarao is a Physician presntly in UK.

Recently at Berhampur I met few more doctors from present generation. Vemulakonda family appears to be full of doctors.Subhadrarao's son daughter (I may be excused for not knowing the name),son Dr.koneti,Narasimharao's(Narusu) daughter Dr.( Vemulakonda) Malladi Vijayashree is at Vijayawada now. Uttara's daughter Dr.Toleti Sharada is a gynaecologist at Rajamundry.Late.Vemulakonda BhakarRamam's grand daughter is a doctor at Hyderabad
I tried my best to name most of the
doctors from our family.I may be excused if I forgot any.

Dr.Undurty Srinivas,
Quarter No: 1,
GEMS Hospital,Ragolu.
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