Sunday, July 10, 2011


How wonderful it is to be celebrating 100th Birth Day! How lucky the children are, to be able to celebrate their Dad’s Centenary. It is a most exciting, rewarding, and humbling time to thank the Lord for giving them this opportunity.

It is really a shame that we knew him more when we were kids than get to know him, his feelings, his experiences, and share his thoughts and ideas when we grew up. Thanks to Sarasa, I could get to know him little bit as an adult because whenever we used to talk on phone, something or other would come up and she would say something about Babayya or she would say this is what Daddy said, and instantly I would say “exactly, that is what my Daddy used to say or do too!

As we all know Babayya is the youngest of the 3 brothers. They loved each other very much and adored their mother. They all had the same beliefs, principles and followed them similar way. I believe Peddananna and Babayya have more of Mammayya’s features and my Daddy has more of our Thatha gari’s features. Of all the three Daddy was more adventurous, heroic in nature and when they were young adults had many experiences especially with the Independence movement, but look who went to jail, it is Babayya! And he refused to take any compensation from the Government, saying that it is his duty and no reward is necessary. Of all the three, Peddananna used to be more delicate and stylish in dressing up, and Babayya always used to follow strict British dress code and maintain very regular habits. Every kid wants their father to be the best in everything. Even though we liked how simple my daddy was, but used to feel jealous and admire Babayya for his “proper”way of doing things. We used to say why he should use fork and spoon to eat Indian food. Daddy would say with pride in his eyes “he is a doctor; he has to do that because he doesn’t want to use the same hands for eating that he treated the patients with”. I came to know that one of his favorite food items is “Dosa avakaya”! I believe he wanted to quit studies after he finished his matriculation exams. But with the support and encouragement from his mother and brothers, he did his medicine and had a very fulfilling career.

Some time ago when I wrote a poem about my Daddy, I mentioned that he is like Lakshmana to Sri Rama. He spent most of his life close to his brother who was appropriately named Sita Rama Rao. I could compare Babayya to Bharata. He was away from his brothers but followed the same principles all through his life. I would like to give a small example how they would react to each other and how their relationship was! When Daddy asked his brothers what he could bring them from US, Peddananna would have thought “why should he waste money on me, but again he wanted to do something for me, so I should leave the decision for him. Babayya would have thought, feeling very happy, “My brother wants to get something; I shouldn’t refuse, so I will ask something simple”. And asked for an electric sewing machine! I am sure he must have used it to make his undershirts or pajamas, just like daddy did! How simple they were!

All 3 of them lived a very principled life with no cheating, no gambling, no bribing(they didn’t take and they didn’t give) and no corruption. I believe Giri Peddanannagaru proudly vouched for this. As King Bharatha, Babayya was sometimes, misunderstood and sometimes not even recognized. But it never affected him. He just led his life within his own guidelines. Babayya said that my daddy was short tempered and his anger would last only for a short time. On one or two occasions Daddy got angry with Babayya just like Lakshmana at Bharata, but it would last only for a short time. Afterwards Daddy would say “I am not angry with my brother, his actions at that time made me angry, and that is all there is to it”. Both Daddy and Babayya encouraged each other in their hobbies, and how many of us know that Babayya is a very good cartoonist! I think the year before my daddy passed away, both Kakki and Babayya came to Vizag and spent few days with amma and nanna. Later, amma told me that all 4 of them had a very wonderful time together and Daddy cherished it very dearly.

These 3 brothers never preached or lectured us but just led their lives showing us the simplicity of a good life.

Thank you Babayya and Kakki for inspiring and guiding us.


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