Sunday, April 14, 2013

How a little girl’s mind works

Our daughter Swapna takes Asha, our grand daughter for few activities to keep her busy during the weekdays.  Remember, Asha is not yet 3 years old!  Asha is going through a hard time adjusting to potty training at home.

One of her activities is art class.  Last week, she noticed a famous Mexican artist named Frida Kahlo’s self portrait hanging in her art class.   Asha then made a comment saying that the lady is really looking mad.  Then Swapna explained to her “well, Asha,……..she had a very difficult life”.

So, this week when she went to the art class again, Asha recalled what her mom told her last week, and said “Mommy, that is Frida.  She had a difficult life……….because she couldn’t poop”. 

Looks like Asha just injected her own personal struggles into the story.  How a little girl’s mind works!!!!  You can Google Frida Kahlo to know more about her.

Sailaja Somayajula(Damerla).

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