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I would like to add  a few more of V.V.Giri's work and other achievements during that period.See below.

1. Soon after his return from Ireland he started Law practice in Berhampur/Cuttack for a couple of years,along with his farher,Sri v.v.Jogiah.He could not stick to it for long.He wanted to work in Trade Union movement.He initiated the Indian Railway Men's Federation at Kharagpur as his head quarters. He conducted the famous B.N.Railway strike in 30s.It was a great success. Next he contested as congress candidate for Bobbili election and won with a very good majority of 555 votes.He became very famous as a Strike Engineer.He was taken as Labour Minister in Madras Province. In 1927 he repreresented Asia at the first I.L.O conference held in Geneva. After achieving Independence in I947 there was an Interim Govt.for a few years.After his Labour Ministership for some time,he was
sent to Ceylone(now Srilanka)as Indian High Commissioner for a couple of years.This was in 1948.
To the best of my knowledge he wrote the following books:  Labour Problems in India, Jobs for Millions,Voice of My Conscience,Homeopathic Medicine and its value,Autobiography named as 'My Life & Times'.Vol.1.Though the second Volume was also written,it could not be published as he fell sick and the publication could not be .
U S Murthy
 VV Giri Scholarships offered by University of Ireland, Dublin:
U Sudhakar

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