Thursday, June 18, 2015


Dear Children, I have come to speak to you about something different this time. What I am going to tell you now are also my personal observations.
            You all must be knowing that more than hundred years ago our Indian scientist Sri Jagdish Chandra Bose of Calcutta University proved that plants and trees have life. They are living beings.  Some of you might also know that they respond to human beings. If you talk – yes talk to them lovingly, show them that you love them, they will respond and yield more.
            Now, for the story. More than ten years ago I planted a champa (sampenga) sampling in our yard. When I bought it, it had a flower also on one of its branches.  We were watering it, caring for it, put manure regularly. Years passed. The sapling grew into a mighty tree, with lush green foliage, spreading branches, strong trunk.  But it was not flowering. Then we consulted a botanical, horticultural expert. He said the non-flowering branch might have killed the flowering branch and grew so it may never flower. But he suggested that we cut off all the small branches and foliage and let it come up again. This time along with foliage it might flower also. Otherwise, it will never flower and we can cut it off.  We did that but it didn’t flower.  Every body said we should cut it off to make place for new flower beds etc. I was reluctant. At that time I happened to read our Poojya Gurudev Swami Chinmayanandaji’s life.  It seems he used to talk to the trees, plants and creepers and they would respond to his love and flower. I decided to try it.
            So every day I started talking to my champa tree.  I coaxed it, scolded it, threatened to cut it off – but all with love as an undercurrent,  showing how much I cared for it. How much I loved it. It must flower for my sake, for its own sake, for God’s sake. Every day, without fail, I talked to it for six months. And lo and behold!  One fine day, my servant maid said, “amma, there is a flower on our champa tree”! I ran to see and yes. There it was, hidden amongst the leaves, beautiful, fragrant, golden yellow champa flower. I carefully plucked it, thanked the tree, and offered the flower at God’s altar. After that she gave me a number of flowers.
            Then came Hudhud. The poor tree was half uprooted, all its foliage and branches were broken down. She looked pathetic.  So I got some help, re-planted it, and again started talking to it daily, giving it my support, soothing it, some time playing some music for it, and sending it all my love.  The tree is now again full of thick foliage and even though it is not the season (season for champa to flower is during monsoon) I am getting at least one flower every day.  You all can come and check it to believe it.
            So, children, what I am trying to tell you is, just like your dog or cat, you can make a  tree  also as your pet.  It will love you, respond to you and reciprocate your love back in the form of flowers and fruit. Talk to your trees and plants. Make them your own. Love them and cherish them. 
A.     Vijaya Murthy

Response by U S Murthy, Visakhapatnam

The small story written by Jijji is extremely good and educative.Pl.convey our thanks and good wishes to her.She is a devoted social activist.God bless her.

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