Monday, June 22, 2009

Endless Dreams with Ending Consequences.

Human desires are unlimited and it is because of this sometimes we end up taking wrong decisions in certain vulnerable situations.
Who is to be blamed? Nobody but we ourselves are to be blamed. But then there are people who just do not care of what others may say or think but just do what they feel is the right thing to do at the right time. Initially they may have to face lot of opposition and even sometimes people make fun of them, but in the long run they emerge as winners in the race of life. Let me tell you, of all the experiences that I have had in my life so far, I have realised that fear is our worst enemy no matter to what extent the fear may be relevant to the situation.
We reap what we sow. This is very much the philosophy of life. But then it depends upon the environment in which we reap .And I believe it’s just a matter of luck for the environment to be conducive. And whatever little luck one is blessed with, one should make the maximum use of it. The only difficult thing is to recognise the timing of the luck. It does not knock at our door. One needs to be really cautious and pretty smart for this battle of life.
If opportunity knocks at our doors we are really lucky. If we fail to recognise even if it is gifted twice to us then we are super fools.
In today’s fast moving life there is no room for people who are innocent, docile, submissive and sentimental.
Even if we are an emotional lot we should know when to hold back our emotions because people take advantage of certain emotions to the extent which we may never imagine.
Now this is really a crazy world. Gone are the days when people tend to think really good about others. Everybody has become selfish in the rat race to achieve more and more of everything.
I just wonder where the simplest pleasures of life have gone like viewing the morning sunrise, birds chirping, evening sunset, smiling and giggling children, lovely flowers breezing out in the cool air etc. Even the urge to experience such pleasures is gone without any trace. Rather people would argue, what one gets out of this aesthetic outlook.
The answer lies when we think about it and not argue senselessly and endlessly.
Have we become so restless in our lives, I guess so. That’s the requirement of today’s fast paced life. But we should know when and where to stall and contemplate.
The pace with which we are heading towards materialisation and mechanisation of life, I am sure certain beautiful simplicities will be permanently lost. There is no point in regretting later for all that we have done to ourselves.
Still I guess one can be resilient if we start believing in one thing.
That there are no regrets in life, it is just a choice one makes. There are no setbacks in life, only lessons to be learnt.
D/o Digumarthy Sunder

I am very much delighted to see that one of our young adult has started posting in the “Ushakalam” blog. From the beginning, this is what we wanted to see; the young adults in our family to participate and express and share their views and in the process get to know the cousins around the world.

I want to congratulate Sameera for her insight on life and her perception and observation of people. She must be a very understanding, caring and mature adult. At this time I extend my congratulations to her parents and other individuals who influenced her in her upbringing. She is very articulate in conveying her message.

I can’t help but notice how different and mature this generation is! They have a very healthy attitude towards life. The main points she is conveying to us are:
1. Have strong and healthy goals and don’t dream of future.
2. Be brave and remember fear is your worst enemy.
3. Do take time in your busy schedule, to contemplate and rethink of the day’s events
4. Give, contribute to the society in any way you can and think of the less fortunate.

At this time, I would like to make a suggestion. Either the author of the article, or Devi, who is kindly posting the articles in the blog, should write a brief introduction about the author, like who he/she is, what he/she studied, what she/he is currently doing and if they are interested, can give their email address etc.