Monday, June 22, 2009


Life is at times getting inspired by others and also to inspire others.
Well there is no dearth of some interesting people in my life but the only thing that matters is what I have to learn from them. Well this is the story so far of the two guys who are my friends and were my classmates in my PG days at Pune University.
Both of them hail from rural areas with financially poor background but with very strong determination.
Hard work and perseverance are their strengths and their never say die attitude has made them what they are today of which everybody is proud of them .Today they have made their parents the most proud lot.
One of the guys who used to clean buses for his pocket money in his childhood days
is today doing his PhD in India’s most premier research institute. The other guy too has been very successful so far pursuing his research in India.
Both of them did their schooling in Telugu medium so English was kind of rocket science for them, but the determination with which they picked up the language in the university was mind blowing. They used to torment the lecturers with their tricky questions and always did their best to outsmart their competitors. Others were really envious of their success and always tried to suppress them in all possible ways but these guys never gave up. They faced all kinds of hardships and challenges because they had only their ultimate goal in their mind.
That’s what is called being focused. Life is just not bed of roses .Our true character is tested only in adversity.
One of them, though earning only 15k per month is contributing 2k to the Pune University scholarship fund. Don’t you think that’s awesome?
I would like to ask one question. How many of us who are well settled and earning may be three times what this guy is earning are really doing such kind of a thing?.........So can we do something positive taking inspiration from such people. We may say that it’s because this guy went through all the life’s hardships he knows what struggle is and this is his way of helping students like him. But then should we not thank god that some of us are really better off and extend a helping hand to those who are in need as a gesture of social responsibility.
The help need not be just monetary. It could be like spending some time with the less fortunate who need some attention and affection instead of just hanging out in the shopping malls and boozing out. Apart from this a lot of other activities based on community service can be done like taking up the responsibility of the security, hygiene, education, economic and social upliftment of the people who live in our community including the underprivileged.

I don’t say that we need to stop enjoying the way we do, that too after a hectic week. But we need to squeeze out some time for socially constructive work as responsible citizens at one point of time when we think that we are settled. Just imagine the kind of happiness one can bring into the lives of others. I bet the kind of satisfaction one gets in giving is no match to that in receiving.
But life is really weird. People who really have such philanthropic tendencies are devoid of resources and people who have surplus just go on amassing more, never satisfied with their incomes. The point is what one has contributed to the society being a part of it.
Success is the measure of contributions an individual makes to her or his fellow human beings.
It is not too late to realise the importance of being Homosapiens.
D/o Digumarthy Sunder