Sunday, January 10, 2010

1. If a Man possesses the Whole World,he would not be healthy thereby ,because it perishes and passes away.
2. Though your life lasts a hundred years,you die like a short lived man.The years swiftly pass.
3. With coarse food to eat,water to drink,and a bent arm for a pillow,happiness may still be found.
4. Be in this World lik a trveller,or LIKE A PASSER ON AND RECKON YOURSELF AS OF THE dead.
5. Forgiveness is the strength of the weak and ornament of the strong.
6. Two are the qualities of him/her who is self controlled:FORGIVENESS,GENTLENESS.
7. When you can not find PEACE in yourselfi it is useless to look for it elsewhere!
8. Moral life is the back bone of Spritual life.There cannot be any Spritual life without a moral life.

More in my next,if you fnd them interesting and useful.