Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sri Mallimadugula Prabhakara Rao (more popularly known as Prabhaji) passed away on 3.1.2010 at Berhampur. Here are a few words written about him by Sri U S N Murthy -

My memorable experiences in the company of late Prabhaji

Mallimadugula Prabhakar rao is my maternal uncle in our relationship.He happens to be a first cousin of my mother,Undurthy Lakshmi bai.He was known to me right from my child hood days.Inspite of wide difference in our age,he used to be very close with me and almost all our cousins as well.He was very friendly and very jokular with all young and old.He was a very well read personality.He was able to speak and argue very well with every one on any subject,from sex to salvation!

He took a Diploma in Ceramics from Banaras Hindu Unversity in 30s,if I remember right.He was very thorough in his profession and served well in private as well as Govt.service.He was a very simple,helpful,adjustable personality with good heart and very valuable views for others.He lived a full simple and happy life and left a good example to all of us.May his sole rest in peace.