Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Articles are based on the lectures by spiritual leaders and are not based on my personal experience. I wrote these articles to enable readers to get a gist of the lectures which they might have missed.

Any comments are welcome.

K. Chaya Rao

Part - 1

During the stage of the early man on our earth and for a few hundreds of years thereafter the earth was a serene, beautiful and healthy place to live in. Man was aware that there was a spiritual force behind his existence and accepted life and death in the most natural way. He ate what nature gave him, lived without any tensions and died a peaceful death to become one with the universal soul. His mind was in a perfet healthy condition as there was no scope for lustre anger, jealousy etc.,

As days went by, the preiests and church men took control of affairs. They intsilled a sort of fear amongst people that if the norms as laid down by them were not followed the people would suffer at the hands of satan and evil times would pester them. This authority went to the extent that the essence of the age old scriptures was forgotten and only blind faith existed in its place. But his state of affairs also did not last long, because the so called priests were found to be corrupt and partial.

Since people did not accept the authority of the church they had to find other means of kanowing the truth. Science started progressing and in the due course people learnt about the various materials on earth. They started living in a more comfortable way and they depended completely on science and technology and would accept any facts only if it could be scientifically proved. Thus spirituality was given a go by. In spite of scientific progress no scientist can explain what force keeps a man breathing till he dies and so to what happens to that force after the man's death.