Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dear Cousin:

Three years ago we had a memorable family get-together at Visakhapatnam which was well attended. You too must have attended it, or at least have heard about it extensively. We consider it a success. It had given a chance for those who attended to meet some of our relatives – some of them whom they have never met. It has especially given a chance to the youngsters to know many other relatives.

Considering its success, with a feeling that we can meet more of our relatives, we are planning to have another get-together on 1st (Fri)., 2nd(Sat). & 3rd(Sun). July, 2011, this time in Hyderabad, since most of our extended families live there. Last time the get-together was only for one day which many felt was too short for proper interaction. So this time we are considering to extend it for three days. Arrangements for stay will be done at the venue itself. We will try to make the function and stay very congenial and comfortable.

We want this get-together to be especially interactive for the younger generation, so that they know better about their families, ancestors, and roots. We request the elders to encourage participation of youngsters in your and extended family.

Since this time we are planning to organize the get-together for three days, extensive arrangements for stay, bed, food have to be made. We are trying to get air-conditioned venue, for three days. Considering all this, if 300 people attend, we expect the cost to be nearly Rs.5 lakhs (based on present tariffs). This is not possible for any one person to bear. So we also appeal to you to contribute liberally, which will give an opportunity to you, and your youngsters to meet cousins and know more about them. We appeal for your enthusiastic cooperation.

Now another important thing: We are also planning to bring out a Book - “Family Tree”. This doesn’t confine itself to just one family or one family name (inti peru). We would like to include as many as possible so that the links can be traced. The attached page is the format in which your need to send your information. If your children are adults, married, please make a separate page for each one of them.:

Please make copies of this letter and the page and pass on to as many relatives as possible. Please see that the information is mailed before end October, 2010, to
A. Vijaya Murthy; No.4 Bharat Villa; 9-24-7 CBM Compound; Visakhapatnam 530003.

Thanking you in advance, and seeking your hearty co-operation in making the book and the event a grand success and truly memorable.

To plan, we request you to kindly call Jijji,

Phone - residence:-2713802
cell Phone: 984 914 3114

and let us know before end June, 2010, your probability to attend and how much you can contribute

With affection
yours in

getting together

D Hanumantha Rao
A. Vijaya Murthy (Jijji)

Information Proforma for Family Tree Book.
Fill in and send with photos to reach Smt A Vijaya Murthy without fail by 31st October, 2010 to ensure inclusion.

1. Your full name 2. Your spouse’s name 3. Spouse’s
mother's name
4. Date of marriage
6. Your place of birth / 7. Spouse’s place
of birth
5. Photo of both of you 8. Your date of birth / 9. Spouse’s date
of birth
10. Your postal address.

11.Your home phone Number 12.* Your cell phone No. / 13* Spouse’s cell
phone No.

14.* Your E-Mail. 15.* Spouse’s E-Mail.

16. Your Education / Job 17. Spouse’s Education / Job

18.* In 20/30 words write about you.

19* In 20/30 words let your spouse write about them.

20. Your father's name / Mother's name (Mother's family name & full name.)

21. Spouse’s father's family name & full fame / (mother's family name & full name.)

Children ^

22. 1st. Child's name / ^ spouse’s family name & full name.

23. Photo (of both).

24. ^2nd Child's name / ^ spouses family name & full name.

25. Photo (of both)

Date/ Place Signature
Please list all your children.

PS: If your child is not independent, please give their information (Place & Date of birth, Education,
Cell phone No., E-mail address & any special information) in this page.
If your child is independent, please use separate page, let them giving all the required information.

* We need this information for our record. If you do not wish to have this information in the family book,
please let us know, and it will not be published.

^ If applicable only.

Note: If spouse not alive, please give date of their demise.

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