Monday, July 19, 2010

Article is based on the lectures by spiritual leaders and are not based on my personal experience. I wrote these articles to enable readers to get a gist of the lectures which they might have missed.

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K.Chaya Rao


As a young girl when I saw days old babies smiling, crying or mumbling in their sleep, even when they were not in their mothers' laps, I used to wonder why they do so. My grand mother told me that they are remembering some past events and I didn't understand what she meant. She would also use expressions like "Each person lives according to his karms" etc. All these expressions and many more were in my mind but as I grew older I took things for granted and did not bother to analyze them.

From the day, I started taking interest in spiritual books,the meaning of the expressions because clear and I am now amazed at the level of spirituality which was maintained by earlier generations. More percentage of youth just brush aside any talk on spirituality or past lives and rebirths and there are quite a few who say"Who is God" "where is He" and so on. They want scientific reasoning and explanation foe everything, they forget that our country is spiritually well advanced as compared to the West by things have gone topsyturvy. Our youth want to imitate the westerners and there the westerners are getting more and more spiritually involved. "A little bit of reading, thinking and following reports of incidents of come children who have remembered their past lives and have insisted on going to the place where they lived in their earlier life will make the non-believers bend towards spirituality and its truthfulness.

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