Thursday, July 23, 2009

Humanity & Universe

History tells us how the Human race has grown right from the Medieval age till date. But we do not know how the Human race came into existence and where and when was the beginning. By reason human life is sweetened and made beautiful, by reason our deepest desires are fulfilled. Our astronomers have made intensive research and explained to us the structure, size, weather, contents etc etc.Man (includes woman)discovered many many substances and converted them to useful materials to improve our living comfort. For example great scientists have discovered the sources of various minerals like iron, manganese, bauxite, Zinc, Silica etc etc.These are all made pure and made useful to produce various useful articles for our living.

Not only this. By reason we have come to understand many obscure and mysterious matters, which would otherwise be hidden from us. By reason we have learnt the shape of the Earth in which we are living. We have calculated the dimensions of the Sun,the Moon,planets and mapped their courses. Thus we discovered and invented several several immense things for the well being and happiness of human race.But then the question comes, as to the source of everything we discovered! Do we know it? In other words we do not know which Power/Energy or whatever you call it , created the very big Universe. Do we know the size, when it began and who began it? They are the creation of an unknown Power.

Traditionally we say it is God Almighty. We take the age of the Universe as several Ugas but when was its beggining and what is its period of existence. We do not know. Thus we discovered many, invented many, but who was the creator? Neither Scientists, nor great philosophers, Swamis who were wedded to Tapas by meditation, have been able to give us a concrete answer to our question. Even a great Scientist, Einstein said that human race had struggled hard to discover and invent many things for the Human race. But when I stand at the edge of an Ocean and look up I am estonished to see how thislvast, limitless Universe came into existence and how can there be any thing infinite, he said that unknown mystery/matter/power is GOD.

We have very valuable attainements. But they are all again the mercy of God who is invisible. Therefore I believe that if we first know ourselves, we will be able to know who is the Creator. We have to first know our own source because the creator who created us must be within ourselves. Let us therefore meditate with absolute faith and undisturbed mind to know every thing that we do not know. It is a very very difficult task. Life itself is a big task. So let us live and pray till the end, being Karmayogis in the meanwhile.