Sunday, July 12, 2009

One should believe in Himself.

I am now 79 years old.But I do not like to call myself old.I wish to keep myself active with all others,visiting them,talking to them and try to learn some thing valuable even with youngsters.There is much to learn in this World through out our life.One should always feel that life is beautiful and wonderful.Majority at the age of 60 feel old and adopt a negative attitude towrds life.I do not agree with them.One should feel in mind that they are here to lead a contented and cheerful life.The attitude only keeps one healthy and pleasant. Every one in life faces number of hardships.Whether one is rich or poor,he has to face these hardships in life.If one keeps oneself engaged, he can have good and pleasurable time everyt where.I have always believed in the credo of sincere and hard work.This gave me immense satisfaction in spite of unforeseen circumstances,in sevice as well as in society.I believe in the Voice of my conscience. Let me age gracefully and face the final withdrawal one day or the other.

U.S.N.Murty (Suribabu).