Friday, July 24, 2009

Response to article by U S N Murthy (Suri babu) on 12th July, 2009.

I have thought about what Suribabu Annayya wrote. As he said one should believe in himself at all times. This mainly depends on our upbringing and the values that our parents instilled in us when we were children. Some times we regret what we did in the past and doubt ourselves whether the action we took was right or wrong. The one point that we must always remember is, we took that decision or acted in that manner, depending on the circumstance at that particular time. Things would have changed now and in the present we might act differently, but we should trust our judgment given at that particular moment.

People who are more emotional than intellectual may feel that they don’t have the capacity to believe in themselves need an extra support to lean on. That support comes from our family, relatives, friends and our Guru in the form of guidance and advice. The saying that “two minds are better than one” applies here. That is how, the social structure, the community, satsangs, puranas, kathalu, music and art etc started and in the present times you can include the Movies and TV too. You get the information from another source and you evaluate it and come to your own conclusion.

Also our faith, religion and culture give us the anchor. We need this support at all times or for some they need it when difficult situation arises. In those times, we put our trust in God. How you define “God” is so easy yet it is so difficult too! You can call “God” as Supreme Power. Those who do not like the word “GOD” or who wants to approach it in scientific way call it “Energy”. A religious person calls that “Power” with a name depending on his religion or the idol which signifies certain symbolism with which he can relate to. We should note here that “blind faith” and “religious fanatism” would lead a person in a wrong direction. Those kinds of people are the ones who do not believe in themselves at all!

I feel a person needs to keep his identity but at the same time, should not be like a “frog in the well” but explore the society, examine different kinds of people and surroundings and learn from every opportunity that is given. He or she should once in while, check himself and contemplate his actions and see what he needs to do and how he can improve the situation and try not to do the same mistakes again and again. In due time, he will improve himself and starts believe in himself. Collectively the society and the nation will improve.